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  Trust built on Performance

BNR Group
is one of the leading manufacturer of Precision Turned & Screw Machined Components. BNR Group always envisages innovation as the key for the growth and is constantly developing a variety of new products, grades, processes, applications and achieving new limits in quality to meet the customer needs and to stay ahead of the competition.

Having in-depth knowledge of advanced manufacturing systems and technology, We are highly experienced and specialized company having proven performance in major industries like Automobile, Aerospace, Industrial Values, Pumps, Earth Moving Equipment, Electrical, Power Tool, Machine Tools, Defence, Medical & Metal Forming etc. in the field of manufacturing and supplying high Precision and Customized Products.

Precision Components
Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Components
Production aids and equipments
Fabricated Items
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The BNR Group's manufacturing capabilities encompass the entire gamut of precision engineering products. The three elements which transform the most complex engineering drawing to reality is state-of-the-art machinery                                                                                                 

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